Goodness of Sandhi Sudha now in Capsules too!

sandhi sudha capsules

Saptarishi Sandhi Sudha Capsule is an ayurvedic medicine for knee, joint and muscular pain relief from the house of Saptarishi Herbals.

  • Being a herbal preparation, it is completely safe.
  • There is no drug interaction recorded while taking Saptarishi Sandhi Sudha capsules & other medications simultaneously.
  • Besides helping with pain in the knees, Saptarishi Sandhi Sudha is also very effective in back, lower back, shoulder, elbow, or any other joint and muscular pain in the body.

Discover absolute healing with the goodness of herbal oil and tablets.

With the power of more than 24 rare herbs, unparalleled guidance of a panel of Ayurvedacharyas, Sandhi Sudha Capsules have everything you need to lead a painless life! Sandhi Sudha Capsules have mixture of time-tested medicinal herbs with proven efficacy in pain joint management. The combination of powerful extracts helps treat all kinds of joint pain problems. It helps lubricate, protect & repair joints & tissue, improves joint mobility, soothes muscle spasms, relieves pain & reduces the need for pain relievers.

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